Monday, 10 October 2011

Snatch the Wax dj's

Being work with a local DJ collective doing some profile shots and also some graphic design for there flyer's here a few examples of what we've come up with so far.

The Newlyn Project

Well taking a walk around my local fishing port I was surprised at the number of different industries that rely purely on fishing for there survial, with fish stocks dropping in many area's throughout the world it makes you wonder just how long thhis small fishing port in Newlyn Cornwall will survive.
It's amazing how the most simple of things like a fishing net or crab pot can make a great photograph the little details that we seem to miss as we go about our everyday life.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Mean Machine Maui Thai Kick Boxing

Lucy Pain winning her championship belt.
TouchGloves fighters.

This was my 1st real time taking photos of kickboxing at a live event i had a great day and enjoyed the whole atmosphere even though the fighters were going all out to knock each other out the moment their bout was finished they were off to share a beer and chat about the fight. Its great to see an event run this way and although I'm not totally happy with all my photos I enjoyed the whole day and the atmosphere of it.
Anyone one interested in starting kick boxing should check out a great family run gym in Penzance Cornwall. With the number 1 ranked female fighter Julie kitchen as one of the instructors with 13 world championship belts to her name.